Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Writing Tools

Randy Ingermanson, the Snowflake Guy, has released a new and improved version called SnowflakePro version 1.0.3. The previous version required the storyteller to enter and edit the story outline to create a better story plan. SnowflakePro lets you enter directly into the program and follow the steps to expand the plot and characters until you have a strong synopsis. The part I like is the ability to create a separate synopsis - either short or long - for use in a proposal. Randy has recorded a nice introduction that plays within the program.

SnowflakePro is on sale through Midnight Friday, November 20th, for $20. That's 80% off the normal $100 price, so this is the week to check it out. Two bonuses are free lifetime upgrades and a five-user family license to cover more than one computer.

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