Monday, June 17, 2013


by Amy Deardon

Future Travelers to the Distant Past to Disprove the Truth
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I had the opportunity to read A Lever Long Enough by Amy Deardon while searching Kindle time travel books. The story action begins a little slow, or so it seemed, but the author may have planned to contrast the main characters paragliding in the beginning with the greater tension of their mission countdown clock. I liked the display at the beginning of each chapter to show how much time they had remaining before a forced return to base.
Four Israeli specialists hurtle through time in a prototype time machine to film the death of Christ and the subsequent theft of his body and so disprove Christianity. The time team has seventy-two hours to film the event and return to their sealed time pod.
Of course, things are never as simple as they seem. The time-base is closed, but double-agent moles are inside and maneuvering to shift the balance of political power to their candidate. In the past, the group encounter conniving Publicans, brutal Roman soldiers, and distrustfully-cautious followers of Yeshua. The team is there to document the past, but they must be cautious to leave nothing from the future that might alter the past.
But what are the travelers to do when their pod arrives a bit off-schedule and they have only a fixed 72-hours to salvage something from the trip?
I enjoyed A Lever Long Enough. The author manages to bring in some advanced technology in the present and the life and culture of the Hebrews in ancient Jerusalem.
The book is a good read. Settings are believable, and the characters are interesting. There's even a bit of romantic tension among the group. If you have the chance,  and enjoy time travel tales, check out, A Lever Long Enough. It's available in paperback, and the Kindle ebook format.