Monday, April 13, 2015

Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Storm Siren
 Mary Weber

DAY 1 - The Beginning of the End of Everything

The Storm Siren
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     Nym is an elemental girl in her late teens with a bit of a problem with her curse; stormy weather. Storm Siren begins as Nym is on the slave block to be sold for the fifteenth time to a foul-smelling slave owner with a quick temper as sharp as the dagger he carries. Nym has managed to create losses for each previous owner; family memebers and even sheep. Will her new owner be any different as Nym feels her blood boiling and the familiar storm clouds gathering above?

   Nym tries to control her temper, but the storms she unleashes match her inner turmoil. As her temper builds over treatment of herself, and others, her curse-driven storm clouds blacken and boil, seething like her spirit inside. But, what if the weather manifestations aren't a curse but a blessing? Nym has an opportunity, and to some a duty, to unleash her wild storm control to vanquish the enemies of Faelen, her country, and save its peoples.

   Will the next storm she calls be her last as she loses control of herself and the deep power coursing through her? Read Storm Siren to find out and get thrown into the story's storm.

Map of Storm Siren World

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