Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why do we need stories?

A missionary spoke at our church this last Sunday and mentioned that nearly 60% of the world's population are unable to read. Even if we brought a bible in their own langauge to them, they would still be unable to read the words contained inside.
Instead they are oral learners; learning by hearing and repeating stories. Speculative fiction books serve some of this same purpose. A person that wouldn't glance at a book they see as too religious, might pick up and read a christian fantasy or science-fiction because of an interesting story line or cover.
These stories could help plant seeds of faith in what had been barren soil. And if readers repeat these stories, so much the better. What you fill you head with, be it images, words on a page, or stories, determines what in turn fills your thoughts.

An enjoyable story, or book, bears repeating. You might even plant a few seeds along the way.