Saturday, May 19, 2012

Live and Let Fly by Karina Fabian

Live and Let Fly

Karina Fabian 

I won a drawing for a free eBook, and Live and Let Fly was my first choice!

Vern's back! And he has to help save the world again. This time Vern and Sister Grace must save both worlds, both their old and new. Things have gotten so out of hand that the Dragoneye P.I. team join forces with the CIA to rescue super-star sensation Rhoda Dakota and avoid inter-world Armegeddon.
That new person on the book cover, hiding in the dark sunglasses, is none other than top CIA agent, Stan Rakness.

Vern, Sister Grace, and Agent Rakness travel to exotic Idaho in search of their prey where they find eyes everywhere.

Live and Let Fly continues in the grand Vern tradition of Dragon Eye, P.I. Vern's wise cracking remarks, Sister Grace's patience, and loaded with puns. Live and Let Fly is a fun read with great action.
I really enjoyed it!

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