Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coach Culbertson's site, Write a Book in 30 Days provides a thirty day journey to finishing your book in thirty days by following his guidelines and staying on task. Watch a portion of his introductory video to get a feel for his presentations.

Daily videos are short, usually under five-minutes, and enjoyable. Coach Culbertson has a good sense of humor, and many good common sense suggestions. His reason for keeping the video length short is because you want to write not spend your time watching videos. The full introductory video is over 25-minutes long and he explains in detail how to best use his fifteen-page Writer's Field Guide.

One of the many things I like about Coach Culbertson's training is you are signing up for ongoing material as added. This will include future videos, and any included PDFs. The material downloads through iTunes so you can listen and watch on your computer or take it with you on iPod. If your MP3 player plays M4V files like my Sony, you can locate and drag the files to your player.

During the month of November this series price is $9.97, and goes up to $39.97 December 1st. If you'd like a reasonably priced method to help organize your next book, try Coach Culbertson's Write a Book in Thirty Days.