Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nice Materials At Holly Lisle Writng Site - Some free!

I just signed up for Holly Lisle's 'How To Write a Series' online course. The description was good, but I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I joined her other two major workshops, How To Think Sideways and How To revise Your Novel. One of the things I like about the Holly Lisle courses are the amount and breadth of material in her lesson. The first lesson included six down loadable-videos ranging in length from just under 15-minutes to over 27-minutes. Averaging 20-minutes each, the six videos are over two-hours long. In case students want to review the presented material, each video includes a transcript. Another documents include text and illustrations of the covered material. As a visual learner, these videos and handouts made learning the material easier.

In the first course, How To Think Sideways, one student commented that there were more than two-thousand pages of printouts included. At the time, I thought this might be an exaggeration. No, if anything this guess was way, way short of the documents. I'm not sure of the total number of pages, but know I printed two reams of paper without making it half-way through the lessons. I mentioning all this because the courses cover so much, and you have a lot more to show for the class than many other courses I've seen that cost much more.

Here's the free material link I mentioned above:

This page describes her free seven-lesson Plot Outline Course, and provides the download. The sample illustrates her teaching style - not dry and boring or rambling with over-sized words - so you can decide if you would like to buy more of her material.

Here is the main web page:

Along the right are free articles, and the many writing courses and clinics available.