Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Drefids

Curse of the Spider King
by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper

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Today's title comes from the character group traits in Curse of the Spider King. Before the destruction of their world the Elves focused on beauty, and goodness. They strove to express their appreciation for a higher existence through their music, arts, buildings, and their lives. In contrast, the Spider King and his forces strove to destroy the works of the elves, not for any reason other than destruction for the sake of destruction. Where the Elves worshipped light, the Spider King's army worshipped the darkness that they might hide their actions within it. The Elves cared for the sick and wounded, the Spider King forces enjoyed causing pain and suffering. Over time, these twisted feelings and emotions twisted the Drefins and Gars in body too.

That's where the last group in the title come in. Inner darkness had spread throughout body and soul; disfiguring them for so long and so completely they lost the ability or desire to follow their conscience. Drefids looked like hags with long bony fingers that extended out into sharp blades along their knuckles. War Spiders are gigantic arachnids that are capable of carrying Gar soldiers on their backs. Even when the Elves had a war spider backed against the wall didn't mean the spiders could be counted out. War spiders climbed impossibly steep walls, and used their legs like eight lances against the enemy.
Further confusing the battles are the Wisps. At any moment an Elf might turn to find those they thought of as a friend literally stabbing them in the back. These wisps reminded me of dopplegangers. They took over someone else's identity, but were able to pickup the person's knowledge and speech. Now the Elves fight those attacking from the front while watching for those nearby who might attack.

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