Monday, November 16, 2009

Anacrophobia with an attitude!

Curse of the Spider King
by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper

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Curse of the Spider King begins with a neat premise. A group of average
children find the reason for most of them not fitting in is that they don't really belong here. At first this sounds like a bad thing, but the world they came from is so much better there is no comparison between our world and their home world. There's just one little problem, the seven children don't know why they feel different and someone named the Spider King wants them removed; permanently.

This first book in the series centers around special books of Berinfell history that come to life. The authors handle back story in an interesting way, touching the writing word in each book transports the reader into that scene in Elven history. Talk about bring a book to life. Closing the book severs the story connection, returning the reader to normal life. Of course, reading certain sections at night with most lights out isn't a good idea.

These scene shifts between the two worlds seemed a little confusing at first. But, the back story is important to explain where the seven children came from and why they must survive. Without the seven, the Elven race can't hope to win against the Spider King. One thing I enjoyed about the settings for the seven Elven children are the differences in environments. One came from a rich human family, one from a poor one. One possessed athletic skills, and another musical gifts. One child even had a condition that set her apart from other students. Yet, with all their differences, each had a connection in the common goal.


WayneThomasBatson said...

Hey, TH! You get the Subtitle of the Week Award: Arachnophobia with and Attitude! LOVE IT.

Thanks for posting a great intro to Spider King.

Jason said...

I second that WTB - THE title of the tour.

If I weren't already reading the book, you'd pique my interest. Looking forward to more!

Shane Deal said...

I liked those things about it as well. :-)

Looking forward to reading your post tomorrow.

Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for stopping by Fantasythyme, guys. Curse of the Spider King is a fun read. I'm looking forward to the next chapter in the Berinfell saga.