Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Writers Should Read - Why not read faster?

Part of learning to write is to develop a love of reading. Reading the classics and different genres, or types of books, will expand your vocabulary and give you a taste of various writing styles. My problem, and what many run into, is limited free reading time. If you could read faster, you could read more of those books or articles you have put on hold.

With an iPhone or iTouch you're in luck, there's a handy app called QuickReader. This speed reading program works to train your eyes to jump across each line. As your speed increases, you can adjust the highlighted words per minute and the line pauses. There are display options for color, size, and fonts, so the program modifies to fit your needs.

Another thing I liked about QuickReader is try before you buy option using the 'Lite' version.

The site address is: http://www.quickreader.net

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