Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fatal Tree CSFF Tour Day 2 - It's All Down Hill from Here

Stephen R Lawhead

DAY 2 - It's All Down Hill from Here

Stay tuned tomorrow. Day 3 - All is Not Lost, God is Still In Control

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I received a review copy of The Fatal Tree by Stephen R Lawhead from Thomas Nelson in conjunction with the December CSFF Blog Tour

Yesterday, I mentioned some of the problems caused by tampering with time. Today, I wanted to mention some of the way things have grown worse for the ley travelers. Raising arms, or hands, at some locations helps trigger ley-line travel. When Kit and Cass watch a small bird die after a jolt from the Fatal yew tree, Cass tries to save Kit from stumbling into the tree and instead opens a ley-line portal at the tree that surges between Cass and Kit, throwing the pair apart. The path is blocked and they are caught for a time in the distant past.

Wilhelmina is traveling to meet Kit and Cass, but instead keeps returning to Egypt at the beginning of the previous century. After five failed attempts, she makes the jump and meets with Thomas to discuss a matter of life and death; everyone's.

Englebert the baker has tried time after time to see the Chief Magistrate, but is turned away. On the ninth attempt, the steward convinces the judge to see Englebert who begs for leniency concerning the same Burleigh Men who attacked him. The Burleigh Men seem to have come around to treating Englebert better, but the Magistrate will have none of the forgiveness Englebert claims he has for Lord Burleigh's men. Instead, Englebert is sent away.

Lord Burleigh seems to have lost the most. His men appreciate Englebert's kindness and have left his prison cell. When Burleigh is brought food yet again by the kind baker, Burleigh ignores him and stares at the wall until the baker leaves. As the chapter unfolds, Burleigh realizes that it's no Englebert he dislikes so, it is Englebert's savior Jesus. Englebert explains that is is because of Jesus that he must show kindness, and forgiveness. The Burleigh men can accept this, but Burleigh can not. He remains convinced Englebert has an ulterior motive. So, it seems like Lord Burleigh has lost the most, his freedom, his care for his men, and most importantly, the peace inside from following only what he knows and believes. His spirit is quenched and all he possesses is emptiness inside as he sits alone in a prison cell.

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Robert Treskillard said...

Great reviews of the storyline, Tim ... I'll be looking forward to your day three!

Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for visiting, Robert. Bright Empires is a great series. It kept me guessing most of the series.