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Fatal Tree CSFF Tour Day 1 - The Beginning of the End of Everything

Stephen R Lawhead

DAY 1 - The Beginning of the End of Everything

Mr. Lawhead manages to tie all the Bright Empires storylines  together in this fifth and final book of the series. I mention this because I've always enjoyed his rich story details, scenes, and characterization. He brings everything to life. The tale began back in the first book, The Skin Map, when Kip's great-grandfather introduces him to ley-line travel. By this fifth book, it seems everyone is traveling at times. That's where the problem seems to compound. All this travel has unsettled the universal order.

We found out in the previous book, The Shadow Lamp, that Arthur Flinders-Petrie had disrupted the natural laws by his actions at the Spirit Well. In The Fatal Tree, time itself is trying to regain its balance as people and things from different eras are dropped in other time and other places. Things like disappearing bridges holding cars were strange enough, but one poor mother had fed her three children and husband, who were all back at the table to eat breakfast even though their dirty dishes were in the sink but really strange. Even stranger, was the lady who kept running into herself coming from another direction. This early section of the story really made me wonder about what might happen if time stopped flowing normally, and took a side trip.

To give you an idea how bad things are by the first few chapters, Wilhelmina has traveled to the Ice Age and finds out the saber tooth cat, Baby, arrived after her, Kip and his group are back in the Stone Age trying to get around a well-charged yew tree that is right over the badly needed main ley-line, Lord Burleigh is stuck in a prison cell and his men have been moved after showing their appreciation of Etzel's continued kindness in prison because of his faith, and Zetetic members are meeting their selves coming and going; literally.
then, just when you think things can't get any worse... guess what?

Stay tuned tomorrow.

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I received a review copy of The Fatal Tree by Stephen R Lawhead from Thomas Nelson in conjunction with the December CSFF Blog Tour

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