Monday, August 12, 2013

The Safe Lands Series - Book One by Jill Williamson

Captives Blog Tour - Day One


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I received a review copy of Captives by Jill Williamson from the nice folks at Zondervon
in conjunction with the August CSFF Blog Tour 

        Angel wings was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Captives' book cover, then I realized they were tall buildings and wondered what they represented. I really enjoyed Mrs. Williamson's earlier fantasy series that began with, By Darkness Hid. So I had looked forward to reading a science-fiction series by the same author to see how she handled the change. I found out, with Jill Williamson, a story is a story no matter the genre, and outstanding.

        Captives begins inside the city, known as the Safe Lands because the high walls keep out the unsettled, dangerous world outside the city. But, the gates and regulations also keep the city dwellers inside where they have be come numb to the idea of consequences of their actions; choosing instead to live for the moment. Over time, the city dwellers have become sterile, and new, uninfected human-stock must be brought in to replenish the population.

     With ruthless disregard, the military captures or kills an entire village bringing all but missing eighteen-year-old Levi to the Safe Lands. Levi just announced his engagement to Jem, and when he returns to his village, he finds Jem and everyone else long gone. What happened? Why were some shot, and most taken, he wonders. Mason makes his way to the Safe Lands where he is arrested, thrown into jail, beaten, and marked with Xs on his cheek. In the Safe Lands, three strikes and you are truly out. The girls of the village fare little better, when the girls, including Levi's fiancĂ©e Jem, are moved into surrogate pregnancy homes to birth future citizens for the city. Things will go fine for the kidnapped group, as long as they don't rock the boat and follow orders. They soon find, rather than a safe haven, life in the Safe Lands is a gilded cage with dire punishments.


For a taste of life in the Safe Lands, visit the Safe Lands Webpage.

Day 2 Blog: Live for enjoyment and pleasure, consequences are for Shells! - Day Two I'll discuss why making pleasure the focus of their life, led to shallow, unhappy, unfulfilled existences in The Safe Lands. 
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Julie Bihn said...

Glad I wasn't the only one who saw the "angel wings" on the cover! Nice review.

Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for visiting Fantasythyme. In my case, seeing angel wings was probably a carry-over from looking for shapes in clouds when I was younger. :)