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CAPTIVES CSFF Blog Tour - Day 2

The Safe Lands Series - Book One by Jill Williamson
Captives Blog Tour - Day Two

Live for enjoyment and pleasure, consequences are for Shells!

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I received a review copy of Captives by Jill Williamson from the nice folks at Zondervon
in conjunction with the August CSFF Blog Tour 
Jill Williamson discusses her inspiration for Captives.
(From Youtube)

       Life as a Safe Lander centers around the external and the moment. Are you wearing the latest style clothes, hair, and skin-tone - yes people there change their skin color weekly, if not daily to match the latest fad worn on the Finley and Flynn Show. There are blue-skins, pink-skins, and even exotic animal design skins. These are accented in turn by digital tattoos. Digital artists design new looks and reprograms the digital skin grafts to change when your mood changes.
      The idea of constantly changing tattoos helped, I think, reinforce the idea of the transient lifestyle of all within the city. Nothing lasts. Nothing is permanent. Even children are a bump in life before they are taken away to be raised by the city state. Relationships never last more than a brief time; it's only until one or the other tires of the person they are with. Marriage is a thing of the past, it's only practiced by those out in the wilds beyond the city gates.
       Always in the back of their minds is the void inside they can never fill, so they deaden the pain with drinking, inhaling drugs of varying strengths, and casual sexual encounters. The author did a great job of explaining this empty feeling, and the reason; a viral infection that leaves the skin flaking and dying. Skin paints and digital makeup are all an attempt to cover the infection and diseased, flacking skin.
        When nothing can fill that God-sized hole, people now as then, will always try the newer, bigger thing. Problem is, nothing else can take the place of The Lord. The city tries to legislate and create replacements for God, but as the villagers find, the best the city has to offer is still a pale imitation which can never truly satisfy.

For a taste of life in the Safe Lands, visit the Safe Lands Webpage.

Day 3 Blog: Hay-O! We've all got issues! - The last day of the Captives Blog Tour. I'll discuss how Jill Williamson created believable, flawed characters. No one was completely good or bad. Some of the bad guys seemed likeable at first. And one character I thought bad tries to redeem a small part of himself.
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Ah,"the Moment" something my uncle is forever going on about. We have "to live in the moment." My thought is what about eternity, but my uncle isn't concerned about tomorrow.

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