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Safe Lands Series - Book Two by Jill Williamson

Day Three of the Outcasts Blog Tour
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I received a review copy of Outcasts by Jill Williamson from Blink, A division of Zondervon, in conjunction with the January CSFF Blog Tour 

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Levi, Mason, and Omar are three brothers, but are nothing alike. Levi wants to lead their village survivors, and doesn't understand why Mason should care about the Safe Landers. Mason wants to escape the city, but feels he can make a difference withe the woman he cares about, Caddah. Omar is the one who sold out his village to gain a spot, but after a lapse in judgement Omar contracts the sickness. He has a change of heart about his life after sighting an owl while walking with Red, a live for the moment Safe Lander, and hurries home to sketch the owl on a man's body. The sketch reminds Omar of his favorite superhero, The Owl. So Omar decides to become a vigilante in the fight against those commanding the City.

Each brother has similar goals, to help others in their group, or those they care about, but each takes a different path to achieve that goal. Each brother has a part to play in reaching the greater good, and though they come from different paths, they are part if the same plan. The Lord cares about everyone, and their choices. Often we make bad choices, as Omar and Mia, and the touch of sin causes affects us whether we realize it on not. In Outcasts, Jill Williamson tells the story of a town and it's inhabitants. But, she also tells the story of loss and redemption, and of saving grace. The people of Glenrock lost much, but through their sacrifices, The Lord uses them to bring the Safe Landers back from their place of dark choices and sin.

The story of Mason and his brothers continues later this year in Book 3 of The Safe Lands Series.

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