Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Shadow Lamp CSFF Tour - Day Three
 The Shadow Lamp

Bright Empires - Book Four by Stephen R. Lawhead

Last Day of the Shadow Lamp Blog Tour
The End of It All, or Only the Beginning?-  

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I received a review copy of The Shadow Lamp by Stephen R. Lawhead from the nice folks at Thomas Nelson in conjunction with the Nov CSFF Blog Tour

I wonder if the reason for ley lines is to illustrate the connections between The Creator's plan and our actions as humans? Kit finds that at some point, the strongest ley lines connect back to the Spirit Well. Maybe I'm looking for allegory where none exists, but I wonder if The Spirit Well is an allegory for Christ; who referred to himself as the Well of Life and a provider of Living waters? Lord Burleigh denies God's existence, yet never stops to consider how all the wonders of the world came into existence in perfect harmony. Could stronger ley lines connect stronger occurrences of faith in those locations or by those people with the Spirit Well's living water? Maybe ley lines are like tributaries leading back to the Spirit Well. The Spirit Well waters were described by Kit as full of light; having an inner glow. I pictured the ley lines as glowing lights beneath the ground, kind of like fiber-optics, that connect back to the source - The Spirit Well. Shadow Lamps reveal hidden ley line locations by reflection ley line locations. Are we acting like Shadow Lamps to a lost world by reflecting the source of life, and living waters, Jesus?

I enjoyed The Shadow Lamp. The author delves deeper in each volume in the series. The fifth book is due out next year, and I'm looking forward to having all my new questions answered by the final chapter in The Bright Empires storyline.
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kc said...

I never drew that conclusion (about the Spirit Well and Jesus), but that doesn't mean it can't be drawn.

Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for visiting. I put the thought out as something to ponder after reading the book. It sounded as if the Spirit Well waters were meant only for Christ's resurrection, but the scene Kit saw may have changed everything.


Julie Bihn said...

What a thoughtful and poetic post! I hadn't thought about the ley lines that way either, but I like the concept. (and even more, your visuals)