Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stephen Lawhead Spirit Well CSFF Tour - Day 2

The Spirit Well
Book Three in the Bright Empires series - by Stephan R. Lawhead

Blog Tour - Day 2
  Are We Then Yet? Traveling the Ley Line Express.


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Author’s Web site -            http://www.stephenlawhead.com/
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I received a review copy of The Spirit Well from Thomas Nelson in conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour

The newest ley traveler, Cassandra Clark, begins the book as a healthy skeptic about much of life. Disappointed by what once excited her, she seems like a ship without a rudder. Luckily she finds new direction in her life as she travels the ley lines. Her next trip ended in a different place, and as she found out, a different time. Gone were the arid plains of darkened ash. Her new landing spot was still dry, but at least there were other people. This is where Cass first encounters the Zetetic Society and learns there really is life after ley travel.

Kit takes an odd turn in a cave, following someone or something, and surprises a hunter in a nearly modern setting. Problem is, Kit has almost forgotten how to speak after living among the River City Clan for so long, and the stranger he meets doesn't speak English. Dressed in rough animal skins, and sporting untamed hair and beard, Kit doesn't make a very good first impression. When he's brought to town, many of the locals think Kit is crazy and want to lock him up. He's passed from one group to another, with no one wanting to take responsibility for "the loco man in the desert." Kit takes solace in his memory of his friends in the caves. He realizes he was contented while living there, and ready to take on life with a fresh determination.

Mina goes searching for Kit, and instead finds new direction for her life too. A series of clues and circumstances leads her to find a new friend and a mentor in an unexpected place and time. Thanks to her new training, Mina is able to plan her trips up and down the ley lines to arrive within a day of when she wanted. As she returns to the monastery, time and again, Mina develops a peaceful spirit by living and working among the nuns and friars.

Ley line travel provides a life changing result in all three characters. Each find their way as they seem to land in places and times that will help them the most. Some even find or renew their faith. But that's tomorrow's discussion.

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Robert Treskillard said...

You know, that's really true that the characters become different people because of the places they visit. I wonder if Lawhead felt that way about his own life, having grown up in Nebraska and then moving to Britain and traveling all over the world.

Fantasythyme said...

Environment shapes a person; some more than others. The landing site for each traveler, helped them learn what they needed to learn to become the person they needed to become.

city said...

thanks for sharing..