Monday, March 16, 2009

Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow
by The Miller Brother

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The Miller Brothers, Christopher and Allan, combined their skills to create a great allegorical story about a boy who finds there is more to life than just escaping the school bully after pulling pranks, or playing video games. After the substitute janitor frees Hunter and his friends from the school dumpster, things run from bad to worse. Hunter picks up an old book at a bookstore that disappears. Then, while looking in the bathroom mirror and at the book, he sees things he knows aren't there. The scary thing is Hunter and his friend, Stretch, find out things do exist beyond what the eye may see. And much of the unseen works for our harm.

Once the eyes of Hunter and Stretch are opened, they find dispirits are chasing them, and they must find a way out of their trap to safety. The Miller Brothers have created an interesting world populated by creatures like the already mentioned dispirits, and gorewings, swamp trolls, a probe dragon, and a scrill. Of course the good guys aren't forgotten with their weapons like the veritas sword - these are like an energy saber that also has healing powers, or the amazing thunderbird named Faith.

Tomorrow, I'll mention Hunter's journey of both the physical kind, and his more important spiritual journey. Unless he learns some basic truths about the Author and his word, Hunter can never hope to defeat the Shadows.


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Very nice intro to the book, Tim.

I was wondering if bloggers would tag this allegorical. I think that probably fits, but I didn't find it predictable or heavy-handed. I really enjoyed the story as a story.


Fantasythyme said...

Thanks Becky,
I liked the story. It seems like a good fit for middle-school students. What middle-school boy doesn't dream of being a hero and having others recognize his talents?