Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The Lost Genre Guild tour is at the mid-way mark!

Each tour day, one lucky poster will win their very own copy of Light at the Edge of Darkness and their own special t-shirt.

But, why wait? Run to your local bookstore and order a copy or two today. Be that friend who first recommends a new book before everyone else has had a chance to experience it.

Be that person ready to 'Boldly Go' like Kirk in Your Average Ordinary Alien, by Adam Graham, except maybe the aliens you'll meet are nothing like the ones you've seen in the movies.

If that sounds too tame - try mixing together a stalker, a guilty conscious, and a deserted old house all in one suspenseful concoction. Guilty, by Daniel I. Weaver, leads the reader through the consequences of guilt harbored too long.

These are only a couple of the stories in Light at the Edge of Darkness. There are another twenty-five stories about zombies, time travel - both by alien and by hitman, and an unexpected stagecoach romance.


cyn said...

There is certainly a variety of stories in Light at the edge of Darkness -- something for everyone's taste! Thank you for noting some of these.

Daniel I Weaver said...

I am very glad you enjoyed the anthology. Thank you for posting your reviews for your readers and helping spread the word. There is definately somethign for anyone who likes a story that's just a little out of the ordinary in this anthology.

SteveDoyle said...

Thank you for featuring Light at the Edge of Darkness on your blog and for being part of the tour.

Karina Fabian said...

Hi, there,

I enjoyed LatEoD as well. Read my review and an interview with Cyn at

Fantasythyme said...

I enjoyed S.M. Kirkland's short story Fair Balance. It's the story of a tennage girl that choose not to attend church with her mother. But who was right, and who was wrong? This story has a great twist ending that readers won't see coming.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review and adding us to your blog. Joining with the talented writers for Light at the Edge of Darkness was truly a wonderful experience. Great writers,great Christians.

V.B. Tenery