Tuesday, October 23, 2007


(Book 1 of the Wilderking Trilogy) by Jonathan Rogers

To purchase an autographed copy of this fine Middle-grade/YA fantasy, try: www.shop.jonathan-rogers.com

Turn up your speakers, and take a Journey to the Riverbottom Forrest,
Home of The WilderKing: http://www.wilderking.com/

Bark of the Bog Owl is the first book in the WilderKing Trilogy.

About The Bark of the Bog OwlEchoing from the riverbottom forest, The Bark of the Bog Owl speaks of wild places still untamed, of quests not yet pursued, of great deeds not yet done.

About The Secret of the Swamp KingThe Secret of the Swamp King continues the story of Aidan's adventures in Corenwald.

About The Way of the WilderkingThe Way of the Wilderking concludes the Wilderking Trilogy with Aidan's return from the swamps and an epic battle for the future of Corenwald.

The hardest part of finishing Bark of the Bog Owl was waiting to start reading the next book. As someone who has never been around a swamp, the book drew me right into the scene. Jonathan Rogers certainly has a feel for the area. An underground scene in the book vividly paints what it must feel to explore a darkened cave, and wade through icy water. Dobro Turtlebane, one of the Feechiefolk, brings to life a fun-loving free spirit that just happens to wear stinky swamp mud and a turtle helmet.
Of course, it's not all fun and games for Aidan Errolson. As the youngest of four sons he's expected to watch the sheep and take care of jobs his older siblings don't want. The threat of Pyrthen invasion hangs over the land. So far Corenwald has fought back the evil Pyrthens four times. Will a new peace treaty with their strongest enemies, who mock the One True God, lead to a loss of all Aidan and his family hold dear?

Read Bark of the Bog Owl and find out for yourself. It's a great story from beginning to end.

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