Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Book Blog Tour for
Frank Creed's FLASHPOINT:Book One of the UNDERGROUND
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In the year 2036, the One World Government has taken complete control. The only remaining enemy of the State, are the new terrorists - Fundamental Christians or Fundis.
Dave and Jen Williams barely escape capture as the Peacekeepers round up their church members for reconditioning. Transferred underground, the two join a Saint cell and with newly 'awakened' bodies, take on the new names of Calamity Kid and e-girl to fight the One World Government and spread a message of hope.
This is a fast read. Not because of few pages, but becasue it is such a page-turner. Plenty of action, and quick dialogue. Frank paints a bleak picture of the future when one turns from God and places ones' faith in mankind. Colorful characters like Calamity Kid, e-girl, and Legacy stand out like beacons of hope in the drab, hopeless world of the Peacekeepers and the FBT.


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cyn said...

Thanks Tim. I am glad you posted the trailer. The music heard is from CLANK a Christian musician on ShoutLife.

There will be another trailer up at Lost Genre Guild blog on Thursday evening: this time not quite so serious, a spoof really--and a cheesy one at that.