Sunday, October 21, 2007


(Book 1 of the Wilderking Trilogy) by Jonathan Rogers

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Twelve-year-old Aidan Errolson longs for the adventure and glory for battle,
but feels destined for a life of quiet shepherding on his family estate. At least
things go this way until he hears the bark of the bog owl. Plenty of people
claim to know someone else who claims to have heard the rare creature,
but Aidan is the first in years to hear one himself. The siteing launches an adventure that catpults the young shepard into the limelight at the King's court.

Loosely based upon the story of King David's humble beginnings, Bark of the
Bog Owl developes the rich history of a small land surrounded by the enemy.
While Aidan's country of Corenwald follows the one true God, their enemy -
the Pyrethen Empire - worship reptile gods.

Is twelve-year-old Aidan Corenwald's deliverer - the Wilderking - or the last free Corenwalkd generation?

Well worth the read. Jonathan Rogers will have you rooting for the young
shepherder and his impossible dream.

Jonathan's Webpage (checkout his intro and videos)

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Quite a feat, running two blog tours at the same time!

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