Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Frank Creed's FLASHPOINT:Book One of the UNDERGROUND

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Time for a LATE blog post.

Life gets ahead of you at times, and it takes a while to play catch up.
When Calamity Kid and e-girl leave their comfortable middle-class, suburban life style to escape the peacekeepers all their old priorities are thrown out the window. They lose their home their family, and their church. Luckily, what they haven't lost is their faith in God. He watches over them, even at their darkest time. The brother and sister team find all their old important places and things aren't as important as they had thought.
Flashpoint contains action and suspense, but it also contains family. CK and e-girl's parents are arrested as Fundi terrorists by the FBT. They jump to the wrong conclusion about a neighbor's son turning the church family in for reward. Instead, a close family member has sound them out for promises of riches from the One-World government.
Flashpoint also mentions forgiveness for past wrongs, no matter how horrible. With his 'awakened' eyesight, Calamity Kid sees the realitive for what he truely is inside; a creature in pain without hope from the One above. As a Sandman, CK, is held to a higher standard so he reaches out to the person who has wronged them the most.

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Frank Creed said...

Been a bad week, but here I am. You called out the good parts without leaking the ending. Through all the trials, the theme is love and forgiveness. Something we all need to work-on.


Walk it, before you talk it.


Fantasythyme said...

Thanks Frank.
I hope your blog tour went well.