Thursday, October 25, 2007

Frank Creed's FLASHPOINT:Book One of the UNDERGROUND

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Time for another LATE blog post. Fall Festival at school takes up a bit of your time.

Well, this is the final day for the Flashpoint Blog Tour. It's been fun to remember the story, and find out more about Calamity Kid and e-girl from the different blog sites, and the interviews with author Frank Creed. I found out that Flashpoint took ten years to publish, and hope readers won't have to wait that long to enjoy the sequel. I think it's really due out next year.

The characters don't seem to face as many temptations as most people, but I thought that was because they were 're-formed' and closer to living in the spirit of Him. It seems like life would much easier if it were easier to overcome temptations. I was curious about Calamity Kid's gamer background. If he won major game competitions under that name, wouldn't someone try to connect his new identity with his old gamer identity? Maybe that will be in the sequel.

Can't wait.


Frank Creed said...

So what you're asking is, "If CK used the name Calamity Kid when he won the game playoffs, wouldn't
someone recognize or remember his character? And wouldn't that cause a security issue for him?"

I did this with War of Attrition: Book Two of the Underground in mind.

At I named a few new characters. Lethe is his background catching up with him. e-girl giggles when she learns the only gamer who could beat CK is female.
Darn sisters.

Very nice catch, Tim. Only one other reader has called me on this; Flashpoint's role-playing-game designer, Mike Roop.

You're gonna love Lethe.


Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for clearing up my question.
I'm looking forward to pre-ordering War of Attrition. It sounds like some good ribbing between e-girl and CK is in store. :D