Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Business Software Collection that Works for Your Writing Expenses has a business software collection entitled PCWorks Suite Pro 2008 available for $30 plus shipping. I received the DVD five days after ordering. A few of the programs are very good for the price - the 2007 version of ACT! (a contact management program) and Peachtree First Accounting 2008. Five of the Serif software line are included - PagePlus X2, PhotoPlus 11, DrawPlus 8, PanaramaPlus 3, and WebPlus 10. OffiecReady included three programs - OfficeReady Professional, BusinessPlans, and MarketingPlans.

Some programs I wasn't sure about using at first like TurboProject Professional. I wanted software that would help track and plan my writing. TurboProject allows you to plan multiple projects, and this will work great for larger writing projects that require research and preplanning to finish on time. ACT! will help track manuscript submittals and the related contacts. It includes a calendar, and a timer that saves to your calendar. The timer is a handy addition for any one writing freelance that needs to track their time.

All in all there are 25 programs. Some are good, some are fair, and some are older programs you can update online like OpenOffice 2.2, Thunderbird, and Sunbird. Any documentation is available from program support or online. The DVD case contains a DVD full of programs and a license key card for programs that require a license key registration. I won't use all the progrmas on the disc, but many will be a helpful addition to my writing software needs.

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