Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Cyndere's Midnight
by Jeffrey Overstreet

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Cyndere's Midnight deals with change both inner and outer. The Ale Boy from Auralia's Colors has a mission to help people and has earned the name Rescue because he has saved so many lost souls and led them to safety at the new Abascar. In Abascar the new King, cal-Raven, has grown more mature of necessity. Fellow members of fallen Abascar now look to him for leadership, and to provide their basic needs. Cal-Raven has changed from a life of ease in the palace to a life of hardship and shortage, due in large part to choices made by his family.
Jordam the beastman feels the stirrings of change after his contact in Auralia's cave with the beautiful colors she merged and wove together. Now, his contact with Cyndere may change Jordam more than expected; a change into more humanity and less beastman. Cyndere has changed as her hopes and dreams for the future are replaced by the knowledge that Bel Amica is soon her responsibilty. Jordam and Cyndere are both changed from the outside-in by the healing waters of the forest well. At first the well water heals the beastman trap wounds, but over time the water seems to begin the healing process of their spirits.
Cyndere's Midnight characters seemed trapped in the dark before the dawn. Things spiral out of control with no save in sight. But the story seemed to point out that no matter where you are in life, even at your lowest point, there is a plan under way. Like the woven items of Auralia's Colors, you can't see how the final result's beauty until it is finished. Small seeds planted in the past may blossom into something better, like Jordam meeting Auralia and confusing Cyndere with her. Past actions may bloom into weeds too. Like the beastmens' addiction to Essence though it curses their body and soul. The dawn follows after the midnight. For some, like the beastmen, dawn continues in perpetual darkness. For others, like Cyndere and Jordam, dawn heralds a bright new day with new opportunities as the night changes into day.

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