Wednesday, February 04, 2009

BLOG TOUR - DAY 3 (Belated)

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In The Book of Names, Hadyn and Ewan Barlow learn each has a special and distinct gift.
Ewan can see the Fey Folk, or Fairies, and used a small flute pipe to open the portal. Hadyn
senses the true names of things, and is able to release their group when locked up. The book title, Book of Names, refers to a huge series of scrolls in which every person that existed or will exist is recorded. This struck me as similar to the Book in Revelation in which every believer's name is recorded. In the same manner, everyone is important.

The Book of Names has developed blank sections as the children are led away by Nemesia who would punish the world for her loss, by taking children away from their families and with them, their identities. Similar to modern society, the children are told they are worthless to all, and may only gain their freedom and gain worth by becoming part of the larger group Nemesia commands. The misled children lose their souls and their joy in their march to oblivion under Nemesia's control. Losing sight of their faith, and believing those who wish them harm, is a sure path to pain and suffering. I saw this aspect of the Book of Names as a reflection of how following the wrong leader in our culture might cause despair and sorrow.

Haydn and Ewan must overcome their own sorrow, and a bit of anger for their past, if they are to survive and help one another. Nemesia plays on this loss and feelings of anger to subdue Ewan and try to bring about the fall of her world into true darkness. The spirits of darkness, the Mismyri, would attack the light and the good of Aion, much like temptations would led us astray and bring us to misery. The brothers learn that only a faith in Aion will get them through the dangers encountered. It's up to them to save this world from Nemesia's plan if they ever hope to return.

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