Monday, September 22, 2008


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Today begins the first blog tour day of new publisher, Jeff Gerke's Lord Marcher Press. You may have heard of Mr. Gerke through his writing site, Where the Map Ends, or one of his own books. October 1st begins what we hope is only the first offering in a long line of outstanding Christian speculative fiction.
The initial three books offered are Hero, Second Class, by Mitchell Bonds; The Personifid, by R.E. Bartlett; and Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy, by Theodore Beale.
As an added incentive to purchase these books on launch day, customers will receive Into the Breach: The Marcher Lord in History and Legend by castles expert Lise Hull. Purchase a second book or more, and you will receive, A Marcher Lord Gallery: Speculative Art by various Christian artists. You can't lose, Marcher Lord Press is offering three great stories, and the digital books to enjoy on your computer. Register before opening day, tell your friends to include your name
when they register, and you could be enjoying the Grand Prize drawing of the 2009 ComicCON convention held in San Diego!

I didn't want to mention only the prizes and goodies when you purchase or register, because these three books have some great stories. My favorite, so far, is Hero, Second Class. I had to stop reading often because I laughed so hard. Mitchell Bonds does an outstanding job with this fantasy send-up satire. Early in the book the villain is about to do in the Crimson Slash - each Hero has a two part name according the the oft mentioned Hero's Manual - when the Villains Guild representatives appear and inform the villain he failed to file the proper forms before attempting to take over the world. Later in the book, an old friend appears and begins belittling others in the team. Katana, a feline magic-user, casts a "blessed SHUT UP spell" and peace is restored. This book is hilarious; a perfect gift for any fantasy lover. Order one for yourself, and one or more for your friends.


Beth Goddard said...

Great post on MLP!

I'm not on the official list, but hopefully I'll get added. I've posted something for the tour. I hope you'll stop by the blog:


Fantasythyme said...

Thanks Beth. I'm looking forward to the Lord Marcher Press launch. Jeff is offering some great sounding stories.