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Broken Angel
by Sigmund Brouwer

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Today is the final blog tour day for Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer. Day one included an interview with Mr. Brouwer, and day two included a video clip with links to more information about the book. On day three I wanted to include some observations about the book.

Broken Angel's setting in the Appalachian Mountains has the feel of someone who has lived in the region. The people are believable, and not hillbilly stereotypes. The idea of limiting town population to small sizes fits in with the small, close-knit communities sprinkled throughout the region.
At first, I felt a little uneasy about the one church and it's leader that ran everything in the region. Reading further, I found that the people on the inside had been taught a convoluted version of the Bible. Unable to own books, especially Bibles, members were left to depend on their religious leaders for their religious training. Taking select biblical passages too literally, these leaders read out of the Bible what they wanted.
The leaders reminded me of the Pharisees. They had the final say in all matters because they "knew best." Their interpretations provided wide leeway for whatever actions they desired. The ends truly justified the means in their eyes. In Caitlyn's case the leaders were willing to sacrifice an innocent's blood to achieve their goal of surveillance satellites.
As the story unfolds, Caitlyn's father must leave her alone to make her way to the Outside world. Her spine disfigured, she meets up with other broken people and befriends them. Theo has excellent hearing, but can barely see fingers in front of his face. Billy, an honest, kind-hearted adult, has a problem understanding most things that happen to him, but he is loyal and strong armed. Even the villains are broken in some way. Mason enjoys inflicting fear and pain upon others. Seemingly without fear, a lone confrontation with a small, defenseless Caitlyn, leads Mason to face his greatest fear; that within him.
Not everyone is what they appear. Friends are foes, and foes friends. Broken Angel included some nice unexpected plot twists and conflicts. Underlying the story is the idea that man's unchecked quest for knowledge may lead to consequences for all involved.
Broken Angel weaves an interesting story into a plausible future, and leaves open the door for the book's sequel. Read Broken Angel if you have the opportunity, it will make you think long after you finish the book.
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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great comments, Tim. I reacted just like you did about the church. And yes, from what Sigmund has said in other interviews, there's a sequel in the offing.


sbrouwer said...


thanks for taking the time to include Broken Angel in your blogging.



Fantasythyme said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed Broken Angel, and look forward to it's sequel to learn what happens to Caitlyn and the other characters.