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Jeff Gerke

Web site
- http://www.marcherlordpress.com/Home.htm

Author writing site - http://wherethemapends.com/

Today's blog tour will include a short interview with Jeff Gerke of Lord Marcher Press.

1) Mr. Gerke, I've been a fan of your website graphics since the first time I saw your Where The Map Ends website. Do you design any of the site graphics? It has nice science-fiction feel.

Jeff Gerke: I've had help designing the graphical look of WhereTheMapEnds. The splash page was completely done by Kirk DouPonce of Dog-Eared Design (www.dogeareddesign.com). Kirk also took the first stab at the main page design, though I tweaked it. The banner artwork is a painting done by Frank Hettick (www.skyhighgallery.com). I'm glad you like how it looks!

2) Your new site, Marcher Lord Press, contains an intro video of a soldier standing guard at a border. How did you decide on this name for your publishing company? Do you see Marcher Lord Press as opening new frontiers in Christian literature by bringing about great fantasy and science-fiction stories readers may not find elsewhere?

Jeff Gerke: You've guessed it! The marcher lord in history had two main purposes: he protected the boundary of the homeland and he helped expand the homeland's influence into previously hostile territory. Plus, I just love the idea of a heroic knight standing alone on the edge of the known world. I love the heroic imagery the marcher lord motif suggests. BTW, I did the opening animation myself. A buddy of mine did the voiceover, however.

These questions were answered in the WhereTheMapEnds interview of Jeff Gerke, where he interviews himself.

Jeff Gerke "Live" and 3D on Lord Marcher Press
3) As both an editor and author, what is your favorite genre to write, and what is your favorite genre to edit?

Jeff Gerke: I have two kinds of fiction I dearly love to write: speculative (both SF and fantasy) and military. My two published trilogies are just that: speculative (the Ethan Hamilton series) and military (the Operation: Firebrand novels).
4) Would you have any suggestions for aspiring speculative fiction authors?
Jeff Gerke: Do it! Your day has come. In three to five years there will be all kinds of markets clamoring for your speculative fiction. They may not be the kind of markets you see now, and they may not offer big advances or multi-city book tours, but they will want your stuff. Speculative will suddenly be in demand.
The first thing is to write it. The second thing is to improve your craft. With the array of books and seminars and workshops and conferences (and of course my own
Fiction Writing Tip of the Week column) available to you now, there's no excuse for not having first-rate fiction craftsmanship.

But after you avail yourself of those and you find you still need help, I offer a full menu of
editorial services in which I'll look directly at your writing and tell you what's working and what needs improvement, and how to do it.

Thank you so much for your time.

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