Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bryan Davis' New Book Series-
Beyond the Reflection's Edge

Blog Tour - Day 2

One of the things I enjoyed about Beyond the Reflection's Edge, is the eye to detail Mr. Davis gave each scene. Before the book released, I read on his blog ( http://dragonsinourmidst.blogspot.com/ ) about sites he visited that occurred in the book. One chase scene happens near a bridge. Rather than write the scene with primarily an action focus, he included character interaction with the surrounding neighborhood buildings and sites. Early in the story the two main characters, Nathan and Kelly, must check into her school. To research this scene, Mr. Davis met with school officials at a real Iowa high school. Schools have changed over recent years, so an settling for an author's memory of their own school days would come off as out-dated or unbelievable.

Well researched scenes are just one of the things that set Beyond the Reflection's Edge apart from other contemporary stories. Plus, it's a fun read. I found myself wondering what new twists the author might weave into the story. At first cameras that took pictures of other times, and mirrors that reflected other places, threw me. But it's all explained later in the book as Nathan and Kelly uncover the clues; and in believable ways. I never could get into a story where a stranger shows up and explains everything a main character has been unable to decipher.

Book 2 is in the series is titled, Eternity's Edge (Echoes from the Edge)

Beyond the Reflection’s Edge – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0310715547
Bryan Davis’ Web site – http://www.dragonsinourmidst.com/
Bryan Davis’ blog – http://dragonsinourmidst.blogspot.com/

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Bryan Davis said...

Thank you for blogging about my book. I'm glad you enjoyed the details. I had fun researching them.

Bryan Davis