Monday, October 20, 2008

Bryan Davis' New Book Series-
Beyond the Reflection's Edge

Blog Tour - Day 1

Beyond the Reflection's Edge struck me as a combination mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, and suspense story all rolled into one. This is the first book in Mr. Davis' new Echoes from the Edge series. The main character, Nathan Shepard, has a world class violinist mother, and an anti-industrial espionage father. But his worldly travels don't begin to prepare him for the shock of finding both parents murdered and waiting in the basement.

With a hint of time travel, Nathan encounters an earlier version of his mother. I enjoyed the trip to the 1980s, and a comparison of changes between then and now. Like the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, Nathan finds one event often preceded by a seemingly unrelated action. Break the chain of events, and you find a different outcome then expected. A theme that seemed to run though the book is that things happen for a purpose. You may not like, or understand, the reason, like Nathan, but still there is a plan for your life.

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