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Stephen Lawhead Spirit Well CSFF Tour - First Day

The Spirit Well
Book Three in the Bright Empires series - by Stephan R. Lawhead

Blog Tour - Day 1
Ley Lines and Time Streams and Newbies, Oh My!


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I received a review copy of The Spirit Well from Thomas Nelson in conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour

The Spirit Well is third book in Stephen R. Lawhead's Bright Empires series. Mina and Kit return in the newest addition to The Bright Empire series by author Stephen R. Lawhead. If you read The Bone House, book two in the series, you may remember Kit was stuck in the distant past. He was in a time long before recorded history. It seemed like life was exceptionally hard, but Kit's character finds his place in their society as he learns to communicate in a kind of basic telepathy. Yes, that makes sense. Language hadn't been developed this early, and the River City Clan needed a way to communicate. Lawhead's explanation sounded believable and it doesn't conflict with many scientific theories about early man's physiology. The amazing breadth of knowledge encountered in Mr. Lawhead's books never ceases to amaze me. With so much research, I often wonder how he finds time to write.

While Kit wanders around the Ice Age landscape, Mina procures a new, improved ley line detector model from her friend, Gustavus. The new model tracks directionally a little too efficiently for Mina, so she leaves Prague for an extended time in search of Kit . She finds a ley-travel mentor in an unexpected place and time, and learns time isn't always linear when it comes to ley travel. She answered one of my questions. Why don't ley travelers ever run into an earlier or later version of themselves; like Marty in Back to the Future?
Cassandra Clarke is the newbie ley-traveler. She happens upon a ley portal during an palaeontological dig in the American Southwest. This Ghost Road, as it is called by Native American Shamans, leads Cass to the strangest place yet in the series. Arid volcanic gravel covered the ground as far as she could see, only broken in the far distance by black hills. Cass didn't know how she had arrived, and what's worse, didn't know how to get home. No one knew she was gone and wouldn't know to look for her.

  Tomorrow I'll discuss how moving in four dimensions makes it that much easier to get lost. Even if you return to the right place, returning to the wrong time is even worse.
  And what does the Zetetic Society really know about traveling the ley lines?

Day 2 Blog: Are We Then Yet? Traveling the Ley Line Express.

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