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Frank Creed
 returns with more tales from
The Underground seriesin

Devil's Hit List
is now available in print
 and as an e-book
 Kindle e-book

Disclaimer stuff: I received a free copy of the Devil's Hit List from Frank Creed to help with my blog review by being an early reader. I appreciate getting my hands on an early copy to learn what's next for Calamity Kid and e-girl. I still want a print copy to go with my copies of his first two books in the series that I also purchased.

 Devil's Hit List is book three in this exciting dystopian thriller of a near future world ruled by the One World Order. As you can tell from the book covers, thanks to
author Caprice Hokstad's website for gathering all three covers in one image, each new book cover pulls farther back than the previous. I wondered if the author planned this to illustrate how the main characters' influence was began locally, but spread outward with each new book.

 Is Frank giving careful readers clues about his next book?

Virtual-e kill people? You may think, yeah, right. But in just the last few years at least ten players have died from exhaustion, starvation, and despondency from losing a favored game character or item. As games grow more realistic, and players unplug from the real world in favor of more enjoyable virtual worlds, is virtual-e so far off? Maybe author Frank Creed doesn't just write about a strange, new imaginary world, but gives us a peak at the kind of world we can expect when we take our focus off The One and place it on fleeting happiness fixes; virtual or otherwise.

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Here's an excerpt from the book, to give you a taste of the fast paced action scenes I've come to enjoy after the first two books in The Underground Series:

After catching the train that way I sat on the cattle car’s floor to catch my breath. Those all around me, at least twenty of them, wore a black bandanna somewhere on their person. I wondered if Barren or Legacy knew which gang this was. The two still had their pistols out, but aimed at the floor.

The gangers stood loosely with their hands ready to grab concealed weapons. They appeared perturbed at having their space invaded by outsiders.

The muscles in my back, shoulders, and arms tightened, a feeling in my gut to which I was unaccustomed. Any sandman has little usual concern for a threat to his safety. We’re pretty tough. So my fear was unusual. I swallowed.

I followed my instincts and pushed to my feet. I turned my attention to Legacy and Barren. “Had you two not bolted like fools from the river, you’d not have had to barge in on these fine people.” Then I spoke to the rest of the car’s passengers. “Thank you for allowing us passage in your car. Please forgive my friends’ rudeness. Can we all just get along now?”

Barren replied, “Hey now, you know an open and empty cattle car is just too perfect for our needs. What did you expect us to do?”

“We have no idea if we crossed cameras just now, and there’s a manhunt on for me.”

“You’re wearing your floppy hat,” said Legacy. “What are you afraid of?”

“He’s afraid of fear,” said Lethe.

Barren and Legacy shared a glance and shrugged.

“Hey!” said one of the gangers who wore his bandanna as a do-rag.

We all looked at him.

He spoke to his friends. “That stud called him Calamity, and he talked about the manhunt that’s playin’ out. Meet Calamity Kid, y’all. How much is the price tag on your head, Mr. Calamity Kid?”

“Aw, y’all just hopped the wrong train,” said another, taking a step forward.

Wisps of smoke, fallen angels, coalesced from the gangers to hang in the cattle car’s center.

I fired off a combat prayer about spiritual cover and swallowed again, but found my throat dry. I thought fast, and spoke faster, the tenseness creeping up my neck and scalp. “And how could you lads collect the millions on my head? You think the FBT wouldn’t just save itself that kind of money and rehab every last one of you?”

“Mebbe we’ll try anyway,” said another pushing off the wall of the cattle car. “Mebbe we’ll just show you why you shouldn’t hop into a car full of Latin Kings.”

Swarms of glitter appeared in the cattle car and swirled at the smoke. Both kinds of angels disappeared.

I opened a map of gang territories on the lenses of my comshades to double-check what I already knew and sat down. “You’re headed to North Aurora, aren’t you?”

“So?” asked the ganger who had started it all, the one with the do-rag.

“Good thing I just paid my dues to you guys. Two days ago you found a dark red pickup with a white cap. The keys were in the ignition and three cases of industrial circuit boards were in the back. That was me. You’re welcome.”

Do-Rag looked to one of his buddies who nodded and shrugged. “Then how ’bout you get these guns outta our faces and we’ll let you ride in our car.”

I gestured to Legacy and Barren, who holstered their pistols and joined me on the floor of the car. Lethe and e-girl sat cross-legged, one on either side of me.

The Latin Kings relaxed, and leaned against the wall again. I overheard one mutter, “He looks bigger in his pics. You’d think a sandman would be bigger.”

“Thanks, y’all,” I said with a wave.

“An enemy of the state is a friend of mine,” said another of the gangers.

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R. L. Copple
Ryan Grabow
Grace Bridges
Caprice Hokstad
Diane M. Graham
Travis Perry
Jennifer Rogers
Greg Mitchell
Paul Baines
Keven Newsome
Kat Heckenbach
Timothy Hicks
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Fred Warren

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