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Book 1 in the new Dragons of Starlight series

Blog Tour - Day 3

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Today is the third and final day for the July CSFF tour of Bryan Davis' Starlighter. Starlighter is the first in a planned four book series. Mr. Davis mentioned on his web site that the story and characters introduced in Starlighter will bring to light new mysteries and new questions in later Dragons of Starlight books.
One of the things I liked about the characters in Starlighter is the way the two protagonists act as role models. Teens today face lots of stress and the temptation to take the expedient path to their desires. In Starlighter Koren, tries to do what is right and remain loyal to her friends and her promises. A one word description that comes to mind for Koren is Integrity. On Major Four, Jason tries to help others when the need arises and follow the code of conduct he learned from his older brother. Jason is willing to step out and take chances, yet he follows the Knight's code of chivalry when it comes to his treatment of ladies; so chivalry is a good one word description for him.
Jason and Koren must strike out on their own on their respective worlds and leave what passes for comfortable surroundings to discover the truth. A single truth connects the two worlds. The truth of a portal that was used to force humans of Major Four as slaves on Dracon. As
mentioned on the first tour day, the portal has become little more than a myth used by of the leaders of both worlds as a way to control the general population. Control what people learn and believe, and you control those same people.
But, truth has a way of winning over deceit and lies. Somtimes the truth sounds quesionable, or at least the source. This was the case with Tibalt, called Tibber the Fibber. In order to survive, Tibalt acted half-crazed around the Govenor and the jailers while captive in the dungeon. Jason finds that his friend Elyssa wasn't killed by a mountain bear, but held captive to help Govenro prescott locate the portal. On Major Four, the governing body has outlawed all portal stories and jailed those who would spread the truth. Dacon took the opposite tack by relageting
the portal stories to the status of children's tales.

It seemed one principle of Starlighter was to that we should uphold the truth; watching what we believe or follow lest half-tuths or outright lies lead us astray from what is true. There are many deceivers today who, like the black egg, talk a good talk but whose only concern is for their own gain.

Starlighter is a good tween and teen story with likeable characters and a bit of action mixed in to keep things moving along between the two story lines. I'm looking forward to the next Starlight book from Mr. Davis to see where the story will take readers.

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Bryan Davis said...

Good job. Thank you again for participating in the blog tour. :-)

Bryan Davis

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

watching what we believe or follow lest half-tuths or outright lies lead us astray from what is true. Excellent observation, Tim. I think this was at the heart of the story.


Fantasythyme said...

Bryan and Becky, Thanks for stopping by Fantasythyme today.