Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vacation Trip Trials

Is there such a thing as a restful theme park vacation? Months of preparation are capped by days of driving to your destination. Of course the trip never goes as planned, and expectations must change.

A long vacation trip has many similarities with life. We start out with high expectations and excitement over what the future holds. Then tradgedy, or just monthly bills hit, and plans are changed along with our expectations.

On a recent trip, we encountered a two-hour delay in a mountain interstate traffic jam. Lines of cars, trucks and semi-trucks snaked down the road ahead and around the next corner. We couldn't tell what lay ahead, and often wondered when the line might inch forward a few more feet. Rounding the curve, we saw another car lined curve, and then another. Traffic slowed to a stop. As we neared the end of the backed traffic, we noticed a terrible semi-truck wreck spreading across both two lanes.

What if we had arrived earlier? Would our family have been part of that accident? Only God knows, and he cares what befalls each of us. Has your life slowed down, or seemed to stop? God knows what lies ahead, and he may be sparing you from something much worse.

So if life becomes rough, just remember who awaits you at your journey's end. He never promised that the trip would be easy. You might encounter potholes, or even a few road blocks, along the way. But, like a vacation trip, your destination will be worth the trouble once you arrive.

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