Monday, June 04, 2007

Are you willing to face what is revealed when you find the LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS?

This speculative fiction collection will lead you on a wild roller-coaster ride through stories that confront your faith head on. Some stories are humourous, and some disturbing, but all are entertaining.

There is something for all readers; fantasy, science-fiction, adventure, horror, suspense and even an alien helping the Earth as a charity project to the dismay of the ultimate science-fiction fan.

So grab a copy of LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS today, and strap yourself in for the ride of your life.

You'll never know what hit you.

Buy Light at the Edge of Darkness now!

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"The Lost Genre Guild will feature a scavenger hunt during the Light at the Edge of Darkness blog tour. Each day on the LGG Blog, there will be two clues listed along with links. Follow the links to a website where you will find the answer.Email all your answers by noon June 8 to: admin@lostgenreguild.comIf you have all the correct answers, your name will go into a drawing for a grand prize (value:$65) PLUS a copy of Light at the Edge of Darkness. Winner to be announced the evening of June 8!"

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Karina Fabian said...

Hey, there,

Dropping by to let you know that virtualbooktourdenet is going to have an interview and review tomorrow and the next day. Drop on by to learn more about Light at the Edge of Darkness!


chrisd said...


Thanks for being on the tour. Where did you get your LGG button?

I like the size of it. If you get a chance, let me know. Better if you could send me the code for it.

Thanks much and welcome to the tour.


Fantasythyme said...

I used the blog tour code from Daniel Weaver, and edited the image size within the HTML editor.

This is my first blog tour, so I'm still learning.

Thanks for visiting!


Caprice said...

Just poking my head in on the treasure hunt. ::waves to all::

Score me another entry. I'm on a roll.


Steve said...
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Steve said...

That was a thoughtful, useful review, especially for its size. Even Murray the Alchemist was pleased, though he didn't explode.

Steve Rice

Carol Collett said...

Seems like most on the tour are getting a few comments. Great to get the word out about this anthology.

cyn said...

Hey Timothy,

Good job! I am impressed for a "first-time venture." I like your comment likening the book to a rollercoaster ride!


Anonymous said...

Tag! Nice blog! Glad to have you on the tour.

Frank Creed said...

There's something in LIGHT AT THE EDGE to disturb any reader because every reader can be challenged in a different way. Fiction's first job is to entertain, but the short fiction in light make you think.


Fantasythyme said...

Thanks to everyone that has visited this site during the blog tour.

Be sure to visit the other tour sites and learn more about LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS. It's a great collection of story styles.

Cheryl said...

Nice post!