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MERLIN'S SHADOW CSFF Blog Tour - Day One - Going From Bard to Worse!


The Merlin Spiral Trilogy - Book Two by Robert Treskillard

First Day of the Merlin's Shadow Blog Tour

Going From Bard to Worse!

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I received a review copy of Merlin's Shadow by Robert Treskillard from Blink, A division of Zondervon, in conjunction with the May CSFF Blog Tour

   I met Robert Treskillard at the 2013 Realm Makers Conference in St. Louis, MO. He told me of the near-year of research he collected for his Merlin Spiral Trilogy. If you look closely at the cover of each book in the series, you'll see the same sword. I mention this because Mr. Treskillard  brought the sword he had made earlier, that is used on the cover of each book. If you enjoy well thought out books, by an author with an eye to detail, check out the Merlin Spiral Trilogy.
Robert Treskillard holding The Merlin Spiral Trilogy blade

   The second book in the series, Merlin's Shadow, resumes the tale of young Merlin, the formerly blind blacksmith's son, who follows Christ during a time of waning Druid power. As Merlin's Blade ended, Merlin, Natalenya, and Colvarth are attempting to escape with the young, recently orphaned, Arthur, son of Uther. Now, it seems as if the whole country of Britain is arrayed against them. The Druids are massing an attack, each play they claim sanctuary is unsafe, and Vortigern is after the baby Arthur to take the crown. Things aren't looking good for the group, and Merlin questions whether Natalenya could ever love someone as disfigured as he.

And this is all in the first few chapters. Oh, and did I mention the odd markings at the beginning of each chapter? Merlin's Blade had similar markings that look much like Ogham. Mr Treskillard's website says Ogham, was an ancient “tally-mark” language
carved into ancient standing stones in Britain.

Day 2 Blog: The Good, The Bard, and the Not So Pretty  - Day Two I'll discuss some of the other forces arrayed against Merlin and Arthur. Arthur isn't the only one with family problems.
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Robert Treskillard said...

I like that phrase: "Arthur isn't the only one to have family problems." Ha-ha, so true!

Glad to have you on the tour, Tim, and it was fun to meet at Realm Makers!

Nissa Annakindt said...

Wow! Loved the info about the sword! It's always nice to get the little extra bits of information in the blog tour.

Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for visiting Nissa and Robert.

I enjoyed meeting you in person too, Robert. It was great to talk with someone so is also a big King Arthur and Celtic culture fan. Your forging details of your Merlin blade were really neat.

Jennette Mbewe said...

Hey! I have to agree with Nissa, it is always cool to discover more details about the story and the author! Awesome that you got to meet him.

Also, love your blog name and how you tied in your logline. (I think that is what it is called. The play on Thyme, seasoning, etc)

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace. :-)

Jojos Corner said...

Great post! Very creative title:))) can't wait to come back for tomorrow's post!