Monday, September 24, 2012

Writers Digest Tutorials Free Trial Weekend

Free Trial Weekend

This is a nice offer from the folks at Writer's Digest Tutorials. I have a subscription, and there is lots of good material offered. The offered code WDT4FREE  is good for a full four day trial to all of their video tutorials. You won't get those video unavailble except for PRO subscribers messages during the free trial either. You can access the full tutorial library during your trial.

I'll admit that I questioned how I would gain from from watching a few videos over and over. Well, this is nothing like those sites that reel you in with big promises and then forget about new material. So far, since I tried the service, one or two videos have been added each week. One of the features I like is the ability to search by writing area, genre, or expertise. Another thing I like is the ability to rewind the video to see or hear a section over without needing to restart back at the beginning and wait to find the desired sections.

Trial Link:
Writer's Digest Free Trial Weekend Offer

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