Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Relams Thereunder

The Ancient Earth Trilogy - Book One by Ross Lawhead

Blog Tour - Day 3

Portals, Yfelopes, and a Langtoor, oh my!

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Wayne Shepard interview of Ross Lawhead on The Realms Thereunder:

After fighting their way through chilly rapids and underground caves, Daniel climbs the rung to above and first sights Langtoor. A huge tree, elaborately carved from stone, it serves as both a barricade to enemies and a beacon of hope to friends. When I first read about Langtoor, the Tree of Life leaped to mind. It holds great promise of protection but also a warning to those who would shun the pro-offered peace.

Ecgbryt describes Yfelopes as twisted humans who have given into their foul ways. Humankind is like this, having turned from what is right and good in the Garden of Eden, they gave into their baser instincts until forcing the removal of everyone but Noah and his family by way of the Flood. When one of the evil ones is loosed in Oxford, Daniel feels obligated to remove it as soon as possible before it can take more humans down with it. Yfelopes also seemed to reflect the influence of sin on a person. The stronger the hold of Evil, the darker the creatures' spirit.

On day two of the blog tour, I mentioned the difference in response to the Realm between Daniel and Freya. I thought this might reflect our own responses to the gift of Salvation. Do we freely accept Christ's and follow as Daniel in the story, or do we take Freya's path of withdrawal and denial? Freya tries to return to her old life, but the Realm keeps calling for her and reminding her of what happened. Daniel didn't want to go back to his old life. He had a new life; a new beginning.

Nioergeard struck me as the promised land built on and of the rock. It it stable and study, a real 'rock of ages'. The city isn't a collection of buildings and monuments, but a growing living community that holds back the darknesses. Made of stone, like the Langtoor, Nioergeard seemed to build upon the work begun with the stone tree. As the city grew, so did it's connection with Langtoor.

Swiogar and Ecgbryt are part of the mighty warrior army held in readiness for the great battle between light and dark. No one is sure when this will occur but they await the time of their need. Christians are advised to be diligent and ready for we know not when our Lord will return. Ealdstan has watched over his people through history. The first chapter with the smith shoeing the horse with golden horseshoes comes to mind as part of long-term preparations. Daniel and Freya are told that Ealdstan has had many names through history as he guided and directed many peoples. Ealdstan takes a long-term approach to life too. He keeps his eye on the prize and doesn't let inconsequential things make him lose site of the goal.

That was something a got out of The Realms Thereunder. We should fight for what is right, and remember what our true allegiances lie and what goal we should strive for. I really enjoyed this book. It was a little confusing at first, but once I saw how the time lines would rejoin the various stories it made for a thoughtful and fun read.

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Dona Watson said...

That's an interesting analogy you make between the story and Christian faith -- and in my opinion, you're spot on. Nice job.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Another excellent article, Tim. I think you've made some interesting parallels to our spiritual lives.


MJ @ Creative Madness Mama said...

Now that's an interesting thinking on Nioergeard....