Monday, April 18, 2011

The Strange Man

The Coming Evil Trilogy - Book One by Greg Mitchell

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Evil isn't Always Ugly at First Glance

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I received a review copy from Realms of The Strange Man in conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour

Evil isn't always pretty. Evil isn't always ugly. In The Strange Man, Evil portrays both. Victims in this story didn't recognize Evil until it was too late. The Rave Scene is the local late night hangout for those wanting a little dancing, a little drinking, and a little carousing. One night, a tempest blow into town bringing with it Evil afoot. A gaunt man walks into town carrying a century old grudge against the town of Greensboro. He has savored this moment, and hopes to enjoy the the exquisite pleasure he gains from the suffering of others. He visits The Rave as the crowd are the most easily swayed to his pleasure.

At the Rave, The Strange Man blends into the background as he surveys those inside as potential puppets for his will. He spots the main characters' girlfriend, Rosalyn, and while fixated on her, the Strange Man bumps into Lindsie and displays his true features. Lindsie leaves The Rave. The Strange Man changes his appearance to appear handsome and tries to tempt Rosalyn away from Dras, who becomes drunk. His plans thwarted, the Strange Man chases down Lindsie displaying his true appearance.

I'll admit some of this book's scenes sent cold chills down my back. Normally I don't read horror, but I soon found myself getting into the story. The characterization is very good. Even the Strange Man seems just plain, well evil. When asked for pity or sympathy, he laughs and sets loose creatures of outer darkness on the victims. Little in the town of Greensboro is black and white. The townspeople look down of Greensboro look down on Rosalyn, because of choices by her parents. Dras' brother, the minister, has doubts and the strange storm heralding the coming of bad times bothers him more because of a childhood fright of storms. Dras is painted as a happy-go-lucky kid brother who watches scary movies with Rosalyn, and sponges off his elderly parents. Each of these encounter some facet of Evil, but as a different appearance.

Most of all, I think the author captured the essence of Evil. The Strange Man's actions and ploys reminded me of I Peter 5:8 where the Devil is described as prowling around like a roaring lion seeking to devour. We can never take our adversary Satan too lightly, lest we end up like the characters in this book and become devored through too readily giving in to temptations rather than leaning on the true source of strength.

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