Monday, November 01, 2010

The Skin Map:
The Bright Empires Series - Book One
Stephen R Lawhead

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One of the things I've noticed from past books I've read by Mr. Lawhead is how richly he paints a setting. The Skin Map myriad settings surpassed his prior books as the characters are catapulted from modern-day London to a 19th Century sea-side town to 17th Century England to ancient Egypt. In his latest book, readers are treated to a mad journey through time and across the Globe to recover the elusive Skin Map. At first the title and idea of a map tattooed on someones skin brought back memories of old pirate movies, but I soon found myself getting into the story and rooting on the good guys.

The main character, Kit Livingstone, meets his great-grandfather after a series of London subway and bus mishaps. His ancestor convinces Kit to follow him down a misty London alleyway that opens on a fishing village on the coast. Kit thinks the village a quaint reenactment site, but finds he landed over a century in the past. Over a loaf of bread and fresh cheese, his great-grandfather explains that Kit has the gift of walking Ley lines - a naturally occuring energy source - and traveling to other places and othe times.

Cosmo, the great-grandfather, continues that not everyone can locate and travel these Ley lines. His small, close-knit group known as the Questors have travelled and recorded the more common paths, but are looking for the Skin Map; a vast compendium of paths and connections that is comparable to the London underground but vastly more conplex.

What's a good story without bad guys? That's where the Burleys come in. Henchmen for Lord Burliegh have trailed and almost cornered the Questors in an attempt to gain control of the Skin Map and control of the Ley lines. It's a race against time, for he that controls the Ley lines controls time itself.

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Great review, Tim! I didn't even talk about Lord Burleigh yet, so I'll have to do that ... he is quite the villain!

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