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CSFF Blog Tour - Day 3 - An end to the Tour, but not to the story!
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BY DARKNESS HID (Blood of Kings - Book 1)
By Jill Williamson

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Vrell Sparrow is the second of two main characters. She is introduced to the story during a fitting for a special undergarment that acted as an extreme corset and allowed Vrell to pass as a boy. Before this time, Lady Caroline was Vrell's only confidant and confessor, for who else could she trust with this carefully guarded secret?

In contrast to Achan, Vrell already knew how to bloodvoice by the time she went into hiding. Though untrained, Vrell could sense others and read the mind of others, a skill that proves invaluable later in the book. Her bloodvoice gift helps Vrell keep her identity a secret and avoid the cruel and powerful Gidon Hidar who would force her into marriage.

Under Vrell's false identity, she took up position as a apprentice to the local apothecary, or druggist. Vrell wanted to help deliver children and assist the midwife, but couldn't as a boy. Instead, she soaked up what knowledge she could in preparation for helping others in the future.

This empathy struck me as a similarity between Vrell and Achan. Vrell dwelt among people and felt their needs and pains. Achan worked among the livestock and animals, and he could read their feelings and needs. Both developed strong bonds communicating with their associated group. Both felt strong empathy and compassion for others, and wanted to protect those less strong.

But as all good things must end, Vrell must make a run to stay free as the Prince's men close in. Her bloodvoicing gift becomes a beacon to those with the same ability. Capture seems certain. But an even bigger danger than the Prince looms on the horizon. The Darkness is growing, changing the hearts and minds of those involved; and worse cutting them off from Arman, the Creator. Agents of Darkness sense the power of Vrell and Achan, and hope to either twist their bloodvoice gift to the Darkness, or remove the threat.

Well, this is the last blog tour day for By Darkness Hid. Take the leap. Avoid the Darkness. Buy a copy for yourself, or better yet buy both books together so you won't have to wait to continue the journey. It's a great trip of a story!

Buy By Darkness Hid and To Darkness Fled at Amazon for $25.72 shipped, as both total more than $25.

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