Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Old Faith in a New World

The Vanishing Sculptor
by Donita K Paul

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In the world of Chiril they have a non-involved religion for a deity they call Boscamon. According to the Chirilian religious leaders, Boscamon exists outside of normal life but causes the many events affecting everyone. Boscamon is something along the line of what many today call Lady Luck. Most people claim they don't belive in Luck, or Boscamon in Chiril, but they still give lip service by their actions - just in case. Chirilians present gifts at the temple for Boscamon, or pray to Boscamon, in a vain attempt to curry favor and gain a desired outcome.

When Tipper sees her father Verrin Schope again, he has learned of the true creator, Wulder and the leader of Wulder's forces, Paladin. Staying in Amara, Verrin comes to worship Wulder as the creator of all things. Tipper questions her father's new found faith as something too sudden; something too far removed. It's almost as if she distrusts this faith because he leaned of Wulder in Amara, and Boscamon is the acknowledged deity of Chiril. Sir Beccaroon, the giant parrot and Tipper's protector, admits that Boscamon's existance doesn't explain his "beautiful jungle" or provide for a being powerful enough to create the world's complexity.

Verrin Schope has learned much while abroad. One thing is that by worshipping the creator and drawing closer, his artistic talents have grown as his relation with Wulder has grown and blossomed. One of the largest differences between Wulder and Boscamon, is the personal involvement with Wulder in someones life versus the complete non-involvement found with Boscamon. Like modern society, the Chirilians had created a convenient object of worship that is available on demand. Verrin Schope's choice to worship Wulder in all things confounded Tipper who had come to depend on herself rather than on Boscamon to meet her needs because that would mean that things occur for a reason.
In tomorrow's Day 3 blog I discuss how what at first seems bad may actually be for the good of all.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Too bad your titles don't show up in the search engines or on the comment page, Tim. I think you've got some creative ones going both yesterday and today.

Nice examination of the religion of the new country.


Fantasythyme said...

Thanks Becky, Since you're here at least one person is reading this tour. :)


Donita K. Paul said...

I've read your entries. I got the link from Becky's site. Thank you for your positive comments. You pointed out some elements that nobody else did.