Monday, May 04, 2009

Some Helpful Writing Tools

I've mentioned some of these in the past, but it doesn't hurt to update the links for new versions and mention how these programs have helped my writing.

Writer's Workbench (WWB), by EMO Solutions, helps double check those pesky grammatical issues you may have missed. WWB doubles as a tutor for writers and those less sure of all the rules. You load the program, which launches Word, and then select the file you need reviewed. Multiple review areas each stress a part of grammar or punctuation. You must select and change any errors found in the original. Potential problem areas pop up in a separate document you can print out, if needed.

At first, changing each revision item manually seemed like a hassle compared to the auto-correct feature I had always used. I found out WWB's method is actually safer than auto-correction. A few times I liked the original wording better, or I wasn't sure what places the program had corrected. Manually changing the suggestions also helps you learn and improve your grammar.
Writer's Workbench installs from your CD to your local drive. This is important to me as our Internet has a way of going out, or slowing way down, at the worse times. If you use a web-based checking program, available internet is a necessity during the times you need to use the program.

The EMO support group are also friendly. If you have a question or an computer issue, give them a call or contact support by e-mail. I've found them ready to help, and never had to wait on hold for 20 minutes to speak to a human. Writer's Workbench costs $100, and shipping runs $15-$25 for the CD which contains the program and additional support files.

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