Sunday, December 28, 2008

After trying Coach Culbertson's podcast, Write a Book in 30 Days, I'm happy with the purchase. Each day Coach Culbertson covers a new topic, and lists how many words you should have written to reach your goal within the thirty days. Many of the pod casts include helpful suggested sites, or writing aids, which add to the value of the series. On day 11, Coach mentions using visualization to make your scenes or characters come to life for you. He goes on to list a few image sites that will give you a better idea how a character or place should look. You can refer back to these images as you write the description.

He also suggests ways to overcome distractions, map out your storyline and details, combat writer's block, and take notes so that you don't forget your ideas at inconvenient places.
This podcast series contains a lot of good material for writing help which Coach Culbertson presents in an entertaining way. The series price is $39.95 and will contain current and future material.

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