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by Donita K. Paul

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On the final blog tour day, I wanted to mention that while DragonLight is the ending volume of the Dragonkeeper Chronicles, it isn't the end of Donita Paul's world of Amara. She is working on a story tentatively called A New Tail. Here's the first chapter download.

DragonLight struck me as a book of comparisons. Kale felt compelled to stay at the castle and oversee the estate while Bardon journeyed to take a cure for the stakes - a bone and joint ailment that brought great pain. Bardon followed Paladin and quoted Wulder's teachings, yet Bardon was quick to jump on Holt for schemes to turn a quick profit. Toopka enjoyed life and always looked for the postitives, while Sittiponder seemed the eternal pessimist at times; not because he looked for the negative but because he saw what was yet to come for his friends.

The second largest contrast existed between Kale and Gilda the Meech dragon. Kale looked outwards and thought of others. Gilda, as a Meech, looked down on the other races, deeming them less cultured and intelligent. Her problems were always the greatest, and needed solving the soonest. Of course the largest contrast existed between Wulder and Mot Angra. Wulder cared for all, and would bring all to him; even Mot Angra. Mot Angra brought only ruin and destruction through his self-centered goals and actions.

In the end, self sacrifice and compassion for others brought healing to the person and to the land.

Thanks to Nissa at LinaLamont. for mentioning the a link to Librettowit's Library
This page on Donita Paul's webpage explains about the character races and other items if you have questions.

In case you missed the earlier books in the series, CBD offers the complete set on sale.

DragonSpell, DragonQuest, DragonKnight, DragonFire, and DragonLight.

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Gene Curtis said...

Thanks for the link to the first chapter in her next book. I missed that when I was at her website.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Excellent observation about the contrasts, Tim. These are all excellent posts.


Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for visiting the Fantasythyme Blog Site. I just finished reading August's month blog tour book, Broken Angel. The author raises some intersting questions about technology in our lives.


John said...

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