Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Shadow and Night - Tour Day 1
by Chris Walley

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The Shadow and the Night is composed of two books - The Shadow at Evening and
The Power of the Night - combined into one 613 page book. The first half of the book begins the tale of forester Merral D'Avanos on Farholme in theyear 13851. Evil has been defeated for millenniums under the control of the Assembly.
Connected by interstellar Gates, Farholme lies at the outskirt of Assembly civilization hunders of lightyears from Ancient Earth.
The story starts out slowly, keepng pace with Merral's travels through the icy north forests. Life seems normal at first, but with a strange foreboding Merral notices telltale signs of unease and a certain strangeness in his uncle's actions.
When Merral returns home in time for Nativity celebration, he is surprised to find Sentinel Verofaza Ennand from Ancient Earth at his parent's home. Something big is about to occur for a sentinel to travel the eight gates to Farholme; and why has Verofaza chosen to visit his house?

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CherryBlossomMJ said...

you stopped with your summary... at just about the point in the book i have gotten to... hehe

Christopher Hopper said...

It gets really good from then on, too!

I agree, it does tend to get off to a slow pace. But then picks up nicely!


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I'll add my agreement to the comments regarding pace. I think one of the good things about this tour is hearing a variety of people give similar observations. It's the kind of thing that tells a reader to keep going because there's a good story worth getting to.


Rebecca said...

Nice intro! It's a weighty tome, to be sure.

My own comments can be found here.
Dratted blogger unwilling to let me comment via wordpress. ;)

Mike Lynch said...

So, what did you think of the book?


Fantasythyme said...

Mike, I'm enjoying the book. I still have about a fourth to go, but the story is holding my interest. Walley has some good, believable scientific charactacters in the story. As far as the pace, I think the author meant for the story to build slowly and take on substance.