Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Tour - Day 3

Jeffrey Overstreet
(Book 1 in The Auralia Thread Series )

Book web site: http://lookingcloser.org/auralia/default.htm
Jeffrey Overstreet Author blog: http://lookingcloser.wordpress.com/

This is the final blog tour day for Auralia's Colors. Someone brought up the fact that there is no clear villain. The former Queen is probably the closest thing to a villain in the story, but she disappeared many years ago after letting her greed and control get the better of her. No one protested for long, lest the become a gatherer - an outcast forced to live outside the safety of the city walls - and lose it all any way.
The Wintering had gotten out of hand as it continued year after year with no end in site. Citizens accepted their lot in life, and made the best of their situation by following government demands. Forced to live within the city walls for safety, the walls instead became a self-imposed prison. The Gatherers were more free in their poverty than the city dwellers in their abundance.
Few within Abascar City owned property. It all belonged to the Underkeep for the promise of Spring's future awakening. Over time, the stored treasures owned the citizens. Desires for things replaced their desire to follow The Keeper.

****** SPOILER ALERT **********

Auralia promised to never enter the city, and enjoy the freedom of the forest and lake. When she did enter the city, she gave up her freedom and very thing she enjoyed. She entered not to gain a part of the Underkeep treasures, but because she wanted to follow the Keeper's will. Auralia entered not to benefit herself, but to benefit others. A pure sacrificial gift that helped many, and at great cost to Auralia.


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